There’s A War For Talent On Wall Street For Consumer M&A Bankers

Wall Street investment banks are duking it out to employ a small cadre of dealmakers who focus on advising some of the world’s most preeminent and visible brands like Coca Cola, Nestle and Unilever. Dan Ryan, a partner at executive-search firm Heidrick & Struggles who leads the business’s NY practice.

Earlier this week, Barclays announced it experienced employed a team of three senior bankers from UBS to become listed on its consumer-retail group. The additions of Brett Pickett, Lowell Strug, and Peter Kuhn can help the bank fill the void created when two of its consumer-retail bankers were lured away by Evercore this season. In January to head in the practice at Evercore Adam Taetle remaining Barclays, just this week to join him with colleague Wilco Faessen departing. Goldman Sachs is along the way of hiring Benjamin Frost reportedly, the global co-head of consumer retail investment banking at Morgan Stanley, where he serves as the buyer retail co-head.

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Frost was in talks to sign up for Evercore until Goldman swooped directly into hire him, regarding to people acquainted with the hiring. Frost cannot be reached for comment. And in the fourth-quarter last year, Citigroup poached Bank or investment company of America Merrill Lynch’s older consumer-retail bankers, including David Finkelstein, Carl Stickel, and Jeremy Murphy.

Noah Schwarz, a senior customer partner at executive-search company Korn Ferry. In 2015, with equity markets for biotech and life sciences companies at a fever pitch, demand for healthcare M&A bankers sparked a string of techniques. The fight for consumer-focused investment bankers comes amid a torrent of dealmaking activity in the sector. far this year 234 billion worth of offers conducted so, up 36% from the same period in 2017, relating to data from Thomson Reuters. 8 billion buyout of Blue Buffalo Pet Products.

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