Giorla Saw The Need FOR THE High-energy Workout

His training contains scholarships at Pennsylvania Ballet, Steps on Broadway, David Howard Ballet Joe, and School Tremaines. It all began when Richard suffered a crushing hip injury, which ended his dance career. Giorla wanted to keep moving at a pace that made sense for his body, yet no workout routine fulfilled his needs.

Giorla wasn’t alone. With many years of experience in the fitness industry, he witnessed an alarming rate of injury caused by high impact workout routines. He also observed many injured sportsmen and everyday people struggling to find a workout that fits their body, motivation, and injury. Giorla saw the necessity for a high-energy workout, offering cardio yet with no impact on the body, supplying a much safer work out.

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Giorla used his passion for dance and fitness to design a workout that combined the two, today and created what’s, CARDIO BARRE. This barre structured cardio workout is unlike every other exercise class offered in other gyms and studios. In 2001, Richard Giorla developed the answer when he opened and created his first Cardio Barre in Studio City, California.

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