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This is where IIS Express stores all of your configuration information. Remember, IIS Express is user-specific, which explains why the settings are here. Open up the config document. If you are familiar with IIS config files, this can look very familiar. In the event that you aren’t, don’t worry, it isn’t that bad.

Scroll down to a section called “Sites”. Inside that section will be a sub-section for each site. Find your site and look for the binding tags. Modify each binding by firmly taking from the “localhost”. Do not replace it with an IP unless you want to limit your link with only 1 IP.

Save the settings file and begin IIS Express as an administrator (IIS Express cannot bind to not localhost unless it is operating under administrative privileges). There is no further configuration that should be made. Just point your users to your personal computer and slot amount, and your computer will become a short-term web server. This, again, is where running IIS Express from the command prompt is so beneficial. You will be in a position to watch the phone calls come in, which makes for far better diagnostics.

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As I described a couple of times already, IIS Express worked with per-user configuration files. Each user can tweak how their settings are laid out in their own settings. Actually, they can truly add their own configurations that have an effect on how your project operates on the machine. Your project, too, bears some configurations.

That means that whenever you move or duplicate your project to some other machine, the applicationhost.config file will need to be up to date to reflect the settings stored in assembling your project. If you say Yes, Visual Studio shall look after adding the appropriate settings to the config file. Easy, right?