SunCat Mineral Makeup Is My ULTIMATE GOAL!

I have VERY delicate, large pore skin, and I have tried over 10 different MMU. The one that works best for me personally is SunCat. SunCat is very calming to my pores and skin and I really like the coverage. Shelley uses high quality ingredients and my skin can tell it. She actually is very useful and email messages regularly back. The attention colors are great as is the blushes. I really like the lip products also. They don’t have alot of color, however the all 100 % natural ingredients make my lips stay nice and soft. I also use the mask and other skin products she recommends and I can tell improvement in my skin’s conditions.

Thank you Sara for letting us know about this makeup. Great ingredients, educational site and a nice collection of colors along with good descriptions about the color and it’s use. Be sure to check out their ingredients page. There is some very good information here about the elements used, problematic ingredients commonly used in many mineral makeup brands and nano particles.

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Green Tea is a botanical draw out that has amazing cell protective qualities and really helps to protect collagen, which is the primary component of healthy epidermis. Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of using natural skin care products and remaining chemical free. Through the use of natural skin care products with high levels of antioxidants you will keep your skin looking young and healthy. Reilly, Colleen; “Antioxidants and Skin Care: Media Hype or Wonder Drug?”. ”Antioxidant Skincare, Give your skin the ammunition it requires to earn the maturing wars”. Patterson, Jenny; “Revealed – THE VERY BEST Antioxidant Skin Care Products Available!”.

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