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I bought the book by Howard Rheingold called Net Smart: how to thrive online. It is helpful information to digital literacy. I haven’t got time to read it yet though but next week is autumn vacations here in the Netherlands therefore I hope to have some time to read it then. Howard Rheingold is reporting to be main community managers on the web and seems to be walking his talk, which is why I bought his reserve.

In the meantime I came across a video with Howard Rheingold about the 21st hundred years skills. It doesn’t seem to embed and that means you have to web-page link on the link if you would like to view it. It really is more than an hour but very interesting with a lot of illustrations long. Howard states that the online skills the 21st-century skills are no longer nice to have, but are essential survival skills. Attention. With all available media and ‘ping!

I experienced it two times ago after I had to focus on finalizing a report but continued to give an answer to mails, got a Google talk and a Skype call to arrive. I closed everything Later. 1 in 6 Americans reports to have bumped into something because these were texting! The ‘second display’ by means of an ipad before you while you’re watching television or being in a meeting or training has already been accepted. However, only 5% of people are really with the capacity of multitasking – carrying out 2 duties that require your attention.

So the skill is how to divide your attention? We call this intention, and you may learn how to do this. Participation. If you learn how to participate online, buy smart blogging, tweeting, responding, marketing you can have more impact and even start actions. If you want to be a recognized expert is a certain field of expertise, you will have to learn how to curate content online.

  • Choose a classified advertisements WordPress theme
  • To summarize the actual paragraph was about
  • An obvious call to action
  • Two-way communication at all levels is always top priority
  • Check How you Hold your Phone
  • Decide who must have usage of your channel
  • 6 years back from Austin, TX
  • Automatic diagnosis and repair of boot problems utilizing a tool called Startup Repair

In Holland we have seen the energy of mobilizing people online (in a poor sense) through the Project X in Haren. Wael Ghonim is one of the activist of the trend in Egypt who used interpersonal to mass media very smartly. Collaboration. Gamers and patients with a specific disease already found out that you can easily collaborate online with people you have never met.

For people in Holland this may also be still a doubt, but in the united states it seems a lot more accepted to collaborate with individuals who have never met in real life. For example I am training a grouped community manager in Washington, whom I have never met. Wikipedia is ofcourse a nice exemplary case of online collaboration too. Crap recognition. Many websites are a hoax or nonsense.