How To Do ?

1- Can get on your phone and make one fake INSTAGRAM accounts (new). 4-click on new Register button. 7-Now select Authoriza gramhoot button. 9-when loggined it will be written ‘AUTHORIZE’ click it. 11-and paste that url in Authorization url feed . USERNAME of your real account where you want to get likes or followers.

It will take a little while (10-30 Seconds) to join up. INSTALIKE picture and check results. How exactly to do ? Show Passwords as show below. Using W32Dasm, and HIEW. First of all, you have to run the damn game you want to split, without the CD. The game, doesn’t work of course, (Please, don’t stress) BUT a windows pops up, suggesting one message. This mistake message will help you to crack the game so, you’ve got to remember it. For example: Please insert the – CD, or: You will need the CD to try out the – . Anyway, if you are so idiot and you also can’t keep in mind it, write it, in just a little piece of paper. Open document to Disassemble.

A menu will pop-up. Choose the exe which you want to split. The disassemble, will need few minutes so, You are recommended by me, to go for shitting. OK, it completed its process. Now, in your screen, there’s a strange text, and we can’t understand anything of course. Don’t worry, the thing we have to do, ( If you’d like, you can transform the font), is to go through the String Data References, the button next to the print button (Strn.REF).

  • Setup Wizard: (Image 2.3)
  • Galaxy A9 2018 (April 2019)
  • Monitor your analytics
  • Embrace Your Mistakes
  • Be the only person up to speed in your home
  • Create a fresh app repository

You can see a window to create String Data Items. Scroll down, and try to find the game’s error message. When you’ll think it is, double select it, and then, close the windowpane, to go back to the Win32Dasm text message. As you can plainly see you are in the Compact disc check program someplace.

This is the message’s place. Now comes the interesting and difficult part, so, be cautious. We don’t know what each one of these shits mean, BUT we should know the @ offset of every call and leap control. Write down, every call and jump @ offset number. You need the quantity behind the @offset with no h. Let’s go to HIEW, now.

To move up and down, use the cursor secrets. In the HIEW directory, there’s a list of programs and exes. Go directly to the directory, which you saved the game’s exe, you want to crack, and go through the exe. Click F4, and then, a menu shall pop-up, with 3 words.