This Is A REALLY Unique Opportunity

Some of you might have seen this recent article in the Times online, in which journalist Danuta Kean talks about several fee-charging agents in the united kingdom. The first, Darin Jewell of the Inspira Group charges £350 upfront for postage and photocopying. YOU can be one of the lucky ones! If you’ve ever tried to discover a publisher for your publication, you know how soul destroying it can be.

The big web publishers simply don’t wish to know and small ones ask you for a lot of money to create. Yet in a recent available edition of Publishing News–the news journal of the publication publishing world–there were some articles about new authors who had agreed upon lucrative publishing deals with major publishers. Publishers are hesitant to uncover the precise amounts paid to the authors for these written books. 100,000 however, many may have been.

So how could it be that some writers can find web publishers and you haven’t? Is it because their books are so superior to yours? Possible–but unlikely. No, Atlanta divorce attorney’s article there was a single phrase which is why. Just three short words. The main element to publication is that simple. Get hold of a literary agent.

But the reality of the may enable you to get down to earth with a bump. For finding a literary agent has been in the same way as difficult as finding a publisher. Many won’t even consider new authors and those who do have long waiting lists. The classic Catch 22 situation. That’s where you can be helped by me. I have developed a literary agency specializing in new recently, unpublished authors. I am now searching for a limited number of authors whose books I will represent to publishers. This is a unique opportunity.

To have a literary agent representing one to the major web publishers increase your chances of publication enormously. Publishing doors that have continued to be shut will open automatically solidly. Let me describe why this opportunity is accessible to you right now. I know the reserve posting business inside out–from both edges of the fence, as an author and a publisher. At age twenty-nine I had written a reserve which sold over 100,000 copies. Then I moved into book publishing itself and became Managing Director of a major posting company. I founded numerous contacts, many of them personal friends, within the written book publishing world.

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These are connections I’ll put to good use with your reserve. AFTER I retired three years ago authors approached me with manuscripts still. I still love the publishing business therefore I used my contacts to put them. Now I have decided to expand this ‘exclusive’ arrangement a little. That is why I am seeking a limited number of new, unpublished writers.

When I obtain offers for your book–usually including an advance against royalties–I will put them to you for your account. Your situation as an author will be safeguarded and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that any offer negotiated is to your advantage–not the publisher’s. This is important. I know of 1 very famous writer who failed to protect her film rights in a contract with her publishers. The reserve was converted to a Hollywood film and the publishers–not the author–received several million pounds in rights. That is something I am going to make sure does not happen to you. You will be backed after publication also.

Book signing travels, magazine mass media, and interviews looks all have to be to your advantage. And you would be surprised at how big is the mailbag successful authors receive. When you yourself have someone to care for all this it allows you the freedom to keep your writing and concentrating on enjoying the kudos to be a published writer. All you need to do is to send me your complete manuscript alongside the enclosed Submission Form. But please, no primary characters or telephone calls.

I have simply neither the time nor the inclination to engage in a dialogue until I’ve read your projects. Please, also send a check for £97 made payable to John Hanstick. I ask this for two reasons. Firstly, because I want to read all manuscripts individually and I value my time enormously. Secondly, I only want to cope with authors who are truly serious about publication and this is a means of weeding out those who find themselves not fully committed.