IRS Dishes Out New Rules On Business Meal Deductions

The IRS has issued new guidance in Notice 2018-76 that preserves business deductions for individual costs of meals incurred regarding the entertainment activities. The guidance clarifies the guidelines under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). It turned out broadly speculated that deductions for foods in this context would be disallowed within the TCJA crackdown on entertainment expenses. The deduction for food and drinks, however, was limited by costs that were not considered to be luxurious or luxurious.

Furthermore, the business taxpayer or an employee or other consultant had to be present at the meal. The TCJA removed the deduction for entertainment expenditures Then. The repeal works well for amounts incurred or paid after 2017. As a total result, deductions for foods incurred in connection with entertainment activities were in the air up. Notice 2018-76 provides some much-needed guidance.

Any food and beverages provided during or at an entertainment activity are ordered individually from the entertainment or the cost of the meals and drinks is stated separately from the entertainment expenses on one or more bills, receipts or invoices. Note that the IRS won’t allow taxpayers to circumvent the crackdown on entertainment deductions by inflating the amounts charged for food and beverages. To demonstrate its interpretation of the guidelines, the IRS provides three examples in the new Notice where taxpayers go to sports video games with business contacts. 1: The taxpayer requires a business contact to a baseball game and buys hot canines and beverages for the two of them.

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Although the price of the tickets is nondeductible entertainment, the taxpayer can deduct 50 percent of the price of the hot dogs and drinks that were purchased separately. 2: The taxpayer requires a business contact to a basketball game in a luxury suite. During the game, they get access to food and drinks, which are contained in the cost of the luxury collection tickets.

In this case, both the expense of the tickets and the food and beverages are treated as nondeductible entertainment. 3: The reality are the identical to in the prior example, except that the invoice for the basketball game tickets states the cost of the beverages and food separately. Therefore, the taxpayer can deduct 50% of the cost of the food and beverages, although the cost of the tickets remains nondeductible. The IRS expects to issue suggested regulations with an increase of information on deductions for meal expenses soon. Do you have questions about Notice 2018-76, or other tax issues?

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