How Much CAN IT Cost To Set Up A Website?

A lot of individuals seem to believe that setting up a website is expensive. It’s not. Actually, it’s ridiculously affordable to get started. Friends and family are asking me how much it costs always. So much so that I’m going to break it down in this blog post. In this manner I’ll be able to direct anybody who asks me this question to the post and it will save us both a little of your time.

If you’re wanting to know about the price of actually establishing a website then you probably haven’t done it yet, right? In that case, you’ll definitely want to look at my step-by-step guide to making your own website. Ya know, once I let you know how much it costs. Any other costs for starting a niche site?

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I think one of the reasons people think it’s expensive to set up a site is basically because some local web site design companies charge high prices. Particularly if you’re a little business. The truth is that you don’t need hundreds or thousands to create a website. Lemme break down the expenses so you can easily see how cheap it is just. The expense of a domain name.

Without a website name, you don’t have a site. Unless of course, you use one particular crappy free website builders. But nobody who is serious online uses them, do they? So the first purchase you make online would be your website name usually. Good news is that there surely is a lot of competition for website name registration and it has driven the price down a lot. Others shall differ and may be more or less. 7 – a steal I’m sure you’ll agree.

Watch out for the renewal costs of domains. Some registrars and web hosting companies charge you double or triple the price to renew them when they expire. Instead, you can transfer them to a new registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap and pay just the new registration price. P.S. If you are starting your first website, DO NOT BUY A DOMAIN. You’ll receive one free of charge when you register your brand-new hosting account.

Another misunderstanding is that web hosting is expensive. Per month to be expensive 5, of course. I’ve covered some of my favorite web hosting companies in the article Cheap Web Hosting SELECTIONS FOR Your Website and if you read that article you’ll know that hosting is even more competitive than site registration. A no-brainer tip so you can get even cheaper web hosting is to register it over two or three 3 years. You’ll receive significant discounts for this and this means one less thing to think about as you build your site. 3.99 a month rate for unlimited web hosting with Web Hosting Hub.