The Shadowy World Of International Finance

Strange, penumbral, people roam the boardrooms of banks in the nationwide countries in transition. Strange, penumbral, characters roam the boardrooms of banks in the countries in transition. A few of them nowhere pop apparently from, others are very well equipped and linked with the most excellent introductions. Each of them peddle financial transactions that are good to be true and often are too.

In the unctuously perfumed propinquity of their Mercedesed, Rolex waving entourage – the polydipsic natives dissolve in their amazing attraction and the temptations of the cash: mountainous earnings on capital, effulgent profits, no collaterals, background, or business plan required. Total security is assured. These are the shabby operators of the marginal shadows of the world of finance.

They broker financial handles meretricious sweat and then be compensated their meager, humiliated fees. Most of their deals do not materialize. They are crooks who create elaborate strategies (“sting operations”) to extract money from unsuspecting people and financial institutions. They set up “front” or “phantom” companies and offices across the world. They tempt the gullible by offering them tremendous, immediate, tax-free, effort-free, earnings. They let the victim’s profit in the first circular or two of the fraud.

Then, they sting: the victims make investments money and it evaporates alongside the dishonest operators. The “offices” are deserted, the fake identities, the forged bank or investment company sources, the falsified guarantees are all exposed (often by making use of an internal informant). Probably the most famous and enduring fraud is the “Nigerian-type Connection”.

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Letters – allegedly made up by very influential and highly placed officials – are sent out to unsuspecting businessmen. The last mentioned are asked to make their bank or investment company accounts open to the previous, who profess to need the 3rd party bank or investment company accounts through which to funnel the sugary fruits of problem. The account owners are promised huge financial rewards if they collaborate and if they carry some minor-by-comparison upfront costs.

The con-men pocket these “expenses” and vanish. Sometimes, they even clear the accounts of their whole balance as they evaporate. A complete lot of money will go undeclared to taxes regulators in countries in transition. The informal economy (the daughter of both criminal and legitimate parents) comprises between 15% (Slovenia) and 50% (Russia, Macedonia) of the official one.