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Update: I added 10 more what to the list. Let’s begin by looking at requirements for a real Functional Programming (FP) language. Learning FP in Go. Go is a multi-paradigm language that supports essential, object-oriented, and useful programming styles. We’re able to write a purely essential program in Go or a purely useful program in Go.

Go gives us the freedom to choose our development style. That’s one of the fantastic things about Go and FP. It isn’t an all or nothing at all issue. We can migrate our code towards FP when and where it seems sensible to do so. To totally support real FP, Go requires Tail Call Optimization (TCO) to handle production performance requirements.

Since each time a recursive function calls itself a fresh stop is added in the stack framework, we soon feel the sluggish effects of this Go compiler omission. To see how we can mitigate this issue check out the Reduce function example in my own book, Learning FP in Go. High Order Functions (HOF) take functions as arguments and/or earnings functions as its result.

HOFs allow us to chain our functions jointly in a readable manner with less code. HOFs are the focal point of any FP language probably, and after a quick look at FP characteristics we’ll study how exactly we can exploit them in Go. Characteristic Supported in Go? Referential transparency means that our function expression f(x) and the results of analyzing our function are interchangeable.

1 is always equals 2. Which means that we can cache the total results of the first function invocation and improve performance. Tip: If we can cache results from previous function calls then we have referential integrity. Idempotence means that people can call our function frequently and it will produce the same result every time. Tip1: If our function prints output it is impure.

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Tip2: If any state/data changes somewhere else inside our system as a result of phoning our function then our function is impure. Tip3: If our function has no return value then it is either impure or completely worthless. Pure function means that a function when given the same input will always return the same output and will have no observable side effects. Currying is where we get a function that accepts x variables and return a composition of x functions each which take 1 parameter. In FP, every function is a function of 1 argument. For additional information and a code example see my reserve, Learning FP in Go.

A closure can be an internal function that closes over, i.e., has access to, factors in its outer scope. Recursion is used by FP languages in place of loops where a function telephone calls itself until a finish condition is reached. In Go, every recursive call creates a call stack. Tail-call optimization (TCO) avoids creating a new stack by making last call in a recursion the function itself.

Even though we can code recursively in Go without TCO, it’s just not useful because of poor performance. Remember that recursion in natural FP dialects are abstracted from sight by HOFs. Giving a function fewer quarrels than it needs is called Partial Function Application. Here, our function accepts a function with multiple results and variables a function with fewer guidelines. For more details and a code example see my book, Learning FP in Go.

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