10 Cool Cucumber Skin Care Products

There’s a reason the term “cool as a cucumber” became the popular way to spell it out someone who’s calm and calm. Cucumbers contain ascorbic acidity (supplement C) and caffeic acid solution (a polyphenol antioxidant), providing them with super-soothing powers, according to dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden. Caffeic acid solution also helps battle the symptoms of aging.

Crisp cucumbers are anti-inflammatory, reduce scratching, and reduce the pain and warmth associated with sunburns, making them a popular ingredient in after-sun skin care products. Co-founder of BIA Life Dr. Shasa Hu provides that cucumbers keep hydration especially well, which is something the skin we have craved in summer. Cucumbers are also quite versatile, suitable for the vast majority of skin types. “Cucumber is rarely allergenic, which explains why it could be used for almost all pores and skin types,” says Hu.

Fresh cucumbers are go-tos in DIY face masks and treatments. But if you plan on conserving your stash for a salad, take benefit of cucumber skin care products. Try these cool products in your calming summer skin care routine, then keep relaxed and keep on using them the rest of the yr.

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