Engineering Manager, Remote-friendly (UK) At Click Travel Ltd

As an Engineering Manager, and general cloud-based technologist, you understand there’s no such thing as “it works on my machine”. If you are an inclusive leader, enable the best from others, and adjust your strategy from experience of good and bad situations, we have a job chance of you ?. Develop and increase your colleagues, and work with them to achieve their potential deeply.

Enable and support others to focus on the program that forces the Click Travel system by reviewing draw requests, making sure quality, and leading others towards results. Identify meaningful metrics that tell you how your software is executing and exactly how it provides value to the business. Continuously improve your people management, engineering management and knowledge and cooperation skills.

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Evangelise and spread your DevOps and Cloud Engineering mentality and knowledge to your colleagues, and beyond Engineering. Consider and design ways to improve our development processes and efficiencies, traveling improvement across Engineering. You’re part of an agile, multidisciplinary team (or groups). You bring your unique leverage and skills them when collaborating with others to accomplish goals.

You lead by example, interesting and bringing those around you along. You support, allow and mentor the engineers around you. You adapt your approach for each specific, and every situation. You give others opportunities to glow, keeping it for yourself never. You support the united team to prioritise work, weighing both business and technical value, leading towards outcomes often. You engage all elements of the business, dealing with other teams, balancing cost and delivering user value.

You test, test, try, fail and learn all the right time – with one thing at a time. You use data open to determine the best approach. You constantly ensure code is running in production as soon as is responsibly possible. You don’t do things because they were always done that way just.

You don’t ignore the lessons learned, – even those learned by others however. Customer focused – all of the time. You study from your experiences, and can demonstrate your knowledge. You understand and understand the problems of distributed cloud systems. You have working knowledge with Node.js, or similar, and other AWS serverless friendly systems such as DynamoDB and Lambda.

You want to utilize services that period from user-facing services, to the foundations that run them. You have experience getting together with datastores. You find ways to communicate within your team and Engineering. You are an agile manager. You draw out the best in the folks around you. We are proud to truly have a working environment that sets our employees up for success.

Exceptional product, exceptional benefits – We know that happy people, create happy customers. Be noticed – Everyone has the opportunity to venture out for lunch with the older command team of the business to discuss things and learn about our eyesight and future. Give back 1% time – Every employee is encouraged to donate 1% of their working time for you to the community. Benefit from the fun – From Summer and Christmas celebrations to themed office days and online games, we make sure that your effort is well balanced out with a little of fun. Work – We manage our employees by output flexibly, so you can work in a way that balances with your life. Discounted travel – Access to considerably discounted hotel rates, train and air tickets. Perfect pick-me-ups – Free snacks and drinks at work every day.

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