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Another month, another drugstore release post! Can you believe we’re in June already? Time fast flying by much too! Been bumming around after examinations Just. All day hearing my favorite radio station, KIIS Radio whilst getting updated with what’s new in the beauty blogosphere — all the services, and the drama (this post makes me LOL).

Sure feels good to involve some leisure time to yourself, but I’ve also been snacking on A LOT of chocolates, so I’ve gained some weight too! Australis’ NEW eyeshadow liners, which are described to feature a soft formula that is simple and smudgeable to blend. I believe these may lean towards being an eyeshadow product, than being a natural eyeliner product rather.

At least that’s what I feel anyways.We’ll have to see how these perform when testers are available! Another newbie by Australis! A cream base, with a buildable heavy coverage. Yea, in a stick form, to add to it. The merchandise is defined to “hydrate and moisturize” whilst providing strong coverage and maintaining your natural complexion.

This is more of the beauty product, but it’s solely available to Priceline as a “special preview” prior to going on counters next month! I’ve never attempted Lanolips despite hearing such good stuff about it. This product is a creamy 3-in-1 lip balm. Ultra moisturizing and defends with a gentle sheen. Nivea attacks back again with two new improvements to their lip treatment range!

In addition, their whole Lip Care range has been revamped with an added “super-moisturising” Hyrda IQ formula. Not exactly new, but revamped! Yeap. The entire collection. New and’ improved hippies with a brilliant burst of wealthy, pure color infused with creamy moisture. A recent addition to their existing BB cream range, this is actually the Matte version, Perhaps. Similar with their original version, this is supposed to provide coverage to minimize the looks of blemishes, control shine but includes less SPF than the initial — SPF15 only.

Also supposed to rebalance oily epidermis with some elegant ingredients! Savvy recently released two new runs, which has made somewhat a huge hit in the blogosphere, I believe. They will be the High Sparkle Lip Ultra and Lacquer Matte Lip Color. I’ve watched both products waiting for you, and I’m very temped by the Ultra-Matte Lip Colors!

I haven’t distributed to you my most liked products recently, but I am adoring matte liquid lip products, so I’ve been searching. Glad they’ve released these! I’ve always seen them highlighted on sites, so give them a good research perhaps? The High Glow Lip Lacquers is not my thing totally.

  • Treat any indication of eczema on the hands promptly
  • ► August (15)
  • Find balance
  • Hair: Gabriel V2
  • You’re being you, it’s a lovely thing
  • Emphasize on the T zone as hydration and moisturization will help reduce the essential oil production

They seem a bit too wet, and shiny for my preference too. All are for you threw up! P.S. Don’t have photos for these, but feel free to check them from Amy and Angie’s blog. I’m getting a bit tired of writing up bibs for mascaras.Haha. Innoxa’s new Lush Lashes Mascara is defined to be formulated to create “volume, size, curl, and definition whilst conditioning the lashes”. Also includes a curvy brush to help ensure lashes are covered evenly. A NEW nail collection? Is it possible to do you know what this collection is motivated by? The new collection is influenced by the worst villains of most right time. Sorry for the slack image.

But when you do get to hear other people’s opinion on what we should consider beautiful that is clearly a clear evidence “beauty is within the eye of the beholder” is indeed true. That and what people focus on see someone as beautiful, that they are not always aware themselves even, can differ a complete lot. For instance, it took me long years to realize eyes and hands for me to make a lot more difference in how I see someone than height or facial bone structure. How someone carry themselves (I believe people use the word charisma for it) is soon a lot more important than anything else.