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I am not a fond fan of Christmas, have been never. Nor of New Year’s eve, Day, or any other common community gathering Queens. So often I go on an escape to help out with a mixed group of mentally impaired people during Xmas. It’s the same organization but there will vary participants every year, although I begin to see a pattern in recurrent ‘people’s types’ (exactly like in real life basically). We cook eight meals a day for them (they love their food, so a three-course food in the afternoon and in the evening), go on excursions, play games, continue walks and most fondly cherished; organize karaoke evenings.

I use my laptop and plug it into the stereo for better audio. On YouTube I look for tunes that give the lyrics written out also, and there’s a microphone and some disco light bulbs. Voila. For Christmas eve we cooked honey-roasted poultry, potatoes, carrots, apple compote, and puffed pastry with goat’s cheese, pear, and courgettes/zucchini. There were homemade American style chocolate/cherry pies and Swedish tea rings with cinnamon.

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No one is allowed alcohol certainly and the two 2 workers are both Islamic therefore I was very happy never to be the odd one out on that front. Walk outdoors to take 5 times as long as typical about, but there are more laughs as well. Frederic, one of the male guests, is dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket always, often donned with a black t-shirt with zombies and skulls on it.

He is most friendly and comes with an incredible storage for musical facts. He can walk beside me for 2 hours, enumerating endless lists of performers, record, and albums monitors without interruption. Don’t I know that one? And what about this song? It was documented in Dallas in 1976, didn’t I know that?

etc. He does a delightful impersonation of Michael Jackson (says Maikaall Jackson), including the hat motions (with my head wear on), the moon walk, and the high pitched cries, he enjoys singing November Rain from Guns’ n Roses. My friend J wrote about it; “Axl increased eat your heart out”.

He also wants Kiss, Metallica, Johnny Hallyday, and Depeche Mode. Nobody else understood the lyrics or even the tune of Benefit from the Silence, but he was helped by me to sing it, as well as Zombie from the Cranberries. Frederic do the top-banging scenes himself. At some point the handicapped came to help me and I finally managed to hit some pins after rolling the ball with both hands at the lowest pace possible.

This too big leisure of the group. In my own defense I have to say that each of them played with aspect bars, therefore the bowling ball bounced back like a pin ball. This point in time I received a message that in, I cannot say ‘handicapped’ any more. That it is disrespectful.There are three lovers in the group and I usually notice how special and caring they may be for every other.