All churches need a good website but few have a large budget. What is a chapel to do? My favorite solution is one which I’ve seen thousands of churches change to in the last few years – WordPress. 10/month to host) that is simple to use but versatile enough for most churches’ needs. An employee member or volunteer can build and control the site without coding or design skill.

You may also hire a professional and still spend less because WordPress itself is free. There are many reasons I recommend WordPress to churches, have a look below! Why Use WordPress For Your Church Site? Here’s a quick glossary detailing what’s what things to make things more clear even as we move forward.

Hosting is where your church’s website lives on the web. You can choose which hosting provider to use. Per month 10. WPExplorer has some hosting recommendations. Also consider DreamHost free nonprofit hosting. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). You set it up on your hosting (comparable to installing a program on your PC) then log into its admin area to build your site and control your content. You must set up WordPress by yourself hosting accounts to be able to use most plugins and designs. Themes control the look of WordPress sites. You may prefer a style with a modern appearance like Exodus or one with an urban style such as Resurrect.

Some themes enables you to adjust things such as colors and fonts to fit your cathedral. 100) because they usually have better design, more features you need to include support from the maker. Plugins are optional and add features to WordPress. WordPress itself enables you to do basic things such as managing your pages and menu while leaving more specialized functionality to plugins. A plugin can truly add features such as sermons, events, news letters, contact forms, and so on. Build it Yourself or Hire a specialist?

I recommend building your website because it’s something most people can do and will save your church money. You will also become more comfortable managing the website and teaching others to take action after getting the experience of building it. There are many designs out there made designed for churches although you aren’t limited to church-specific styles. An excellent theme company will have thorough offer and records support because of their product. You save time by hiring a professional to build your church website instead of doing it yourself. This requires a larger budget but continues to be typically less costly than non-WordPress solutions whenever a pre-made theme is used (versus a totally custom theme which would be very costly).

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You will deal with the site after it is made. Let’s get into some more fine detail about these options. I’ll offer you a better notion of what my recommended approach looks like by walking you through it. Examine these things when choosing a church WordPress theme. You will need something that matches your church’s personality. Some themes have color, history, and font customization options.

Go for a responsive design, this means your site will adapt to mobile screens automatically. Today Mobile web surfing is extremely common. WordPress enables you to create custom pages (ie. Choose a theme that integrates with plugins for chapel content like sermons, events, staff, and locations. Avoid themes that register their own post types for content such as sermons and events (you will need to re-enter content when switching themes).

Some content features belong in a plugin instead, which explains why I developed the Church Theme Content plugin (supported by styles from different designers). WordPress is a do-it-yourself solution but that doesn’t suggest you have to be on your own. Select a theme supplier that has thorough documentation and that provides support for the theme they sell. Some theme sellers will give you your money back if things don’t workout, so check their refund policy.

I think every theme seller should provide refunds without questions asked. The following providers and styles prevent the lock-in effect and meet most or most of my other suggestions. All we do is make and support church themes. Inexpensive Linux-based shared hosting is sufficient for all church websites nearly. 100 per year. See WPExplorer’s hosting suggestions (these include a one-click WordPress installation feature).

Also remember that DreamHost has free hosting for non-profits. When signing up for hosting you will be asked to choose your domain name (ie. 15/season). You will be given access to your hosting control -panel after completing the online signup process. Log into your hosting control panel to use the one-click WordPress installation feature.