Mobile Test Engineer At BUX

We’re BUX, a tech company that is rocking the global world of finance. By taking down all barriers and disrupting the trading experience, we’re helping new generations of first-time investors to discover the financial markets. We launched our first application back 2014 and have welcomed over 2 million users across Europe since then. We’re building a full-fledged stockbroker now, in order to aid multiple investment apps. In parallel, we’re focusing on another app.

Our first application is mainly concentrating on short-term traders, whereas the new application shall offer long-term investing. Our end goal is to provide a family of apps, catering to everyone who would like to do more along with his or her money. Engineering is the center of our business and we have an extremely experienced technology team – our mature engineering personnel have several years of accumulated development experience.

This is one of the smartest groups you’ll have the chance to work in. It can help you drive you to ultimately another level. Why will you enjoy working for BUX? You’ll be asked to bring your knowledge in the QA and testing world to influence to discover the best quality practices, insect prevention strategies, stability, availability, privacy, and other advanced quality principles across products.

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You will support your team’s and other relevant stakeholders’ decision-making process by creating reports, performing an evaluation on test results, and increasing issues accordingly. Lastly, you’ll be working in an extremely interesting business domain name. You shall learn how the financial system works on the inside. What is the cherry on top? Significant experience with mobile software assessment on both Android and iOS. Strong competency in requirement analysis, prioritizing jobs, identifying risks.

Demonstrable experience in creating test strategies and programs. Strong troubleshooting skills and focus on detail. High levels of productivity, self-organization, and self-motivation. Agile attitude and experience in working in Agile conditions. Strong written and verbal English communication skills. Experience with a number of modern programming languages (e.g. Kotlin, Swift, Java, Objective-C, Ruby). Hands-on experience in debugging and extracting logs from Android and iOS devices. Experience with fill and security assessments.

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