Eating Disorders Among Child Beauty Queens

Little girls are often lost in their own little worlds, playing princesses and slaying their own dragons, with their shiny glittery and armors tiaras. They don’t need Halloween to roll around to be able to dress up and shine, every day is Halloween when you’re having fun impersonating your preferred heroes for. However, there’s a strict divide between girls who wear their costumes in the comfort of their own surroundings and girls who are sparkled and shined for beauty pageants.

Not only are young ladies from the last mentioned group subjected to a completely different lifestyle with continuous hair, makeup investigations, and camera attention, but they’re more susceptible to developing eating disorders and body dissatisfaction also. A Huff Post article presents interesting data about the prominence of body dissatisfaction in girls. Of all First, it states that eating disorders are becoming prominent in “children as young as 6 years old,” which 10-year-olds are now going on diets. Additionally, it states that 50% of girls in the 11-16 age group have considered undergoing plastic surgery.

Given these impressive statistics on girls, it wouldn’t be drastically wrong to presume that children who participate in beauty pageant experience some degrees of anxiousness and concern regarding their appearances. Another perspective taken on this concern is the hypersexualization of young girls by beauty pageants and shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and their contribution to the development of eating disorders.

In our current culture, children are exposed to a plethora of information through interpersonal press and systems resources. While it is important to ensure that younger generations are aware and knowledgeable, contact with social expectations on beauty and sexuality can often be detrimental with their perception of themselves and the world around them.

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As an outcome, child beauty pageants have the to create a great risk, which may stay with them for many years to come, to their young contestants. Henson, M. (2011, September 13). ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and sexualizing 3-year-olds. CNN. L Wonderlich, Anna & Ackard, Diann & B Henderson, Judith. Childhood Beauty Pageant Contestants: Associations with Adult Disordered Eating and Mental Health. Perry, C. (2011, August 2). Sexualization of SMALL CHILDREN Associated with Eating Disorder Development.

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