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One of the buzz phrases over the past several years in the business environment has been “HPO”. HPO is an acronym for “POWERFUL Business”, and many organizations have been applying the strategies associated with being an HPO into their organizational cultures. Just what exactly does HPO imply exactly? What’s entailed in becoming an HPO?

When no information is on the rivals’ costs, this evaluation provides an organized method of identify and compute differences. It really is helpful when one has no usage of the actual final cost information (which is always the situation) and allows an alternative solution analysis method. As you can imagine, there are not many companies advertising about how the analysis is done by them. That is one of the very most powerful analysis tools, I know-it helps anticipate product margins, bidding sustainability, and prices of prices strategy.

Forecasting or predictive analytics can best be described as statistic modeling allowing prediction of future occasions or results, using present and past data and information. Found in alliances, acquisitions or for competitors, a powerful tool to comprehend leadership distinctions and anticipate the reaction to industry events. This is a model to look at an organization from the exterior and understand who the decision makers and the ones in a situation of power. That is an extremely useful evaluation for any analyst assisting a proposal and bid team or dealing with sales.

More: “Web-based Analysis for Competitive Intelligence” by Conor Vibert. The futurist Edie Weiner suggests there could be only two kinds of smart life forms that do not suffer from educated incapacity: aliens from other planets and children. This evaluation allows a management team to look at its existing company, products, and industry with a fresh eyesight significantly, allowing it to avoid blind spots.

New realities emerge when looking at the analysis with an impartial view. This analysis, spearheaded by Shell in the 1970s following a company’s incapability to forecast future essential oil prices, allows a company to check out possible futures, create an operational system to flag events, and prepare choice action plans. There is certainly abundant literature about them, so the sources are just a starting point below.

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An example at Shell. Amazing work done by the united team at DPDHL on the continuing future of the logistics industry. I include here tools that help map huge amounts of information to recognize trends and patterns. More: there are so many resources online, that choosing is a challenge. I like the light guide on how to investigate styles in Excel, an example of three data visualization tools about macro-economic data and the set of visualization tools here.

A McKinsey construction of four levels of uncertainty are a good idea to choose the right group of proper tools. This term comes from the chemical industry and describes the analysis of weak indicators that might have led to an event. When competition gets intense, companies need to use of brutal bloody competition and create uncontested market spaces.

This process helps identify untapped market opportunities. An application on Apple’s itunes store. The wonderful work by Alex Oesterwalder opens the door to companies that require rethink their business model. It includes a practical step-by-step process to find new ways to produce value and analyze a company’s current model. Together, the proper three Cs form the marketing strategy triangle, matching between the Company, (current and potential talents, and weaknesses), Customers (offered and not offered), and Competitors (current and prospective) needs to be considered.

More: Duke’s introduction is quite thorough. Wiersema and Treacy propose a set of three value disciplines comparable to Porter’s universal strategies. The three strategies are Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy, and Product Leadership. The Innovation Ambition Matrix is a version of another 2×2 growth framework, evaluating the axes of where you can compete (existing vs.