And If You See My Itinerary

Lately, my children and I were sick. We got chilly and an extremely bad damp cough. This problem made us only stay at home and got a lot of rest. I didn’t go out, only took treatment of my children, prepared healthy food, read a lot of medications, rather than forgetting to check on their body’s temperature every quarter-hour because sometimes fever also emerged.

Honestly, those full days made me feel bored and it was very hard for me. All those “activities” was driving me crazy until I had developed no enough – good quality bedtime. However, when the kids were sleeping, I have a little time for take a rest. At that right time, I opened my photos on the camera and upload it into my instagram’s feed. This time I still focus on my pictures from the last summer month’s trip to Canada. Well, you might think it’s too late and weird because I’ve back to my home 2 months ago, and it’s still unfinished. Well, I’m a perfectionist person, and I’d like my post appears perfect (not only the picture but the caption too).

  • Keep a check up on mild products
  • Attach the cotton to the acne on the facial skin; let the lime juice soak for 15 minutes
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX (80ml)
  • What the creativity
  • Don’t apply make-up at 3 am
  • Plastic Bags in the Ocean
  • 7 years ago from Atlanta
  • Leave it on until it dries off completely

And if you see my itinerary, you’ll know that I didn’t have time to do that through the trip. That’s why I always post about my trip after back. You might be puzzled and wanting to know Now, “What’s the bond between that table and the name of this post?”. So, after I was taking a look at the gallery on my camera, I came across some photos about Laneige White Dew VIP Trial Package just, which I induced my Bali trip. It had been around 7 weeks ago and I just recognized that I haven’t written a review on my blog about these products. Now, let’s start to find out about this travel place.

If you ever read my old blogs, you’ll know that I always use Laneige White Dew Tone Up Cream everyday. Beside that, additionally you will know that I wanted to try another product from this series as well, to fasten the full, total effect and brighten my complexion, permanently. When I was seeing a trial package from this series, I thought it is the right time for you to check it out.

This trial kit consists of 2 products from White Dew series: Tone Up Cream and Original Ampoule Essence. Since I’ve discussed Tone Up Cream, this time I only going to reveal the essence. Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence is one of the essential product from White Dew series. This essence used after toner, and before day cream (or Tone Up Cream). Like other substance products, it has a transparent color.

However, it offers a gel consistency, which made me think it’s going to hard to soak up. Because all I know, essence always will come in water (such as SK II-Facial Treatment Essence). Actually, though it offers a gel structure even, but it is rather light, and easy to soak up. I really love it because this texture was noticed by me can hydrate my pores and skin.

First time I used it was in Bali, and I didn’t see any result. Maybe because it’s just 4 times, so I didn’t feel any difference on my face. Next, I used it again for around 3 weeks on my summer trip to Canada, and I began to see the result.

It hydrated my pores and skin and make it looks brighter as well. The other activities that I love from this essence is, I balanced my skin tone before using tone up cream, so my skin didn’t look pale. And the last, the brightening effect didn’t disappear, after I washed my face even. I still could see my bare face looks brighter and I content with it. The effect easily blend it together. It unfinished still, but as you can plainly see, it generally does not have much difference with my complexion.

Why I only utilize this essence whilst traveling, and not utilize it as my everyday skin care? First, I still use other essence product at home, and I want to use it until the finish to see the total result. Second, I only have this essence on travel size which is really small, and it’s ideal for traveling. FYI, I always bring extremely light skin care products whilst traveling, and mainly on travel size.

Calendula lotion could even be blended with Aloe Vera to reinforce its therapeutic power. Coconut, sunflower seed, and sweet almond oils nourish and soften the skin, as well as reducing irritation. Also, they are much cheaper than medicated eczema lotions, and many patient’s record that they are far better far.